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SE Wales
31 Aug - 01 Sep 2019
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Cross Country

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Mini Dragon Hike and Fly Race 2019 postponed to Fallback Date - 2019-08-05 20:56

Dragon Hike and Fly Meet Director Ali Andrews provided the following update at 0945 BST on Monday 05 August 2019:

"Good Morning Everyone, I'm really sorry to have to say that I'm postponing the 2019 Mini Dragon Hike and Fly.

I've had an in depth look at the long range met and I don't think we have a chance of a task that involves any flying at all on Saturday. 

I will update again within 48 hours about our chances of racing this coming Sunday, as I think there is still a small possibility of racing, but it is more than likely that I will move the event to the fallback weekend of Saturday 31st August.

Thank you for your flexibility. I hope this message reaches you early enough to make other plans for Saturday.

Please let me know if you have any questions."