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SE Wales
31 Aug - 01 Sep 2019
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Cross Country

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Blown Away! Fabulous Flybubble report on the Mini Dragon by Greg Hamerton. - 2019-09-07 20:42

Please see below the link and intro to a first class video report on the Mini Dragon from Flybubble's super talented and Greg Hamerton:

Strong wind causes paragliding accidents. But is it always dangerous? Join Flybubble Paragliding as we compete on the 'Mini-dragon' hike and fly race in extreme conditions. Learn techniques to stay safe in the mountains when paragliding in strong wind (30km/h+).

This is not intended as a 'how to do it' but more of a 'see how it works' ... this sort of guidance is seldom shared by experienced pilots (for fear of someone doing something stupid) but we'd rather you have the knowledge so you are empowered. Choose what suits your flying skills and equipment. Treat strong wind with great respect!