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Paraglider Track was ended normally FlyingEdy
was at T'ai-chung - TW [~20.2 km]
on 13-09-2019 11:47:09 UTC+0 
Alt:25 m, Speed:1 km/h, Duration:01:14:43
Distance from takeoff 79.1 km, [Max] 79.5 km

Takeoff: Hu To San, Tige... - TW ~12.1km
at 13-09-2019 10:32:26 UTC+8
Distance from takeoff 79.5 km
[Max] 79.5 km [Max] 79.5 km
Paraglider Track is live chrisyeh
was at Green Bay - TW [~0.3 km]
on 13-09-2019 03:05:16 UTC+0 
Alt:-212 m, Speed:1 km/h, Duration:00:00:11
Distance from takeoff 0.1 km, [Max] 0.2 km

Takeoff: Green Bay - TW ~0.3km
at 13-09-2019 03:05:05 UTC+8
Distance from takeoff 0.2 km
[Max] 0.2 km [Max] 0.2 km
Glider No end of Track was received rernko
was at Hu To San, Tigerhead Mtn - TW [~5.6 km]
on 11-09-2019 06:08:09 UTC+0 
Alt:448 m, Speed:0 km/h, Duration:02:28:52
Distance from takeoff 0.5 km, [Max] 12.2 km

Takeoff: Hu To San, Tige... - TW ~0.4km
at 11-09-2019 03:39:17 UTC+8
Distance from takeoff 12.2 km
[Max] 12.2 km [Max] 12.2 km
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